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    It’s a mid-summer nights dream in an old outdoor swimming pool covered in graffiti, overgrown foliage and lit up by neon strip lights. As the Shakespeare is fired into my ears it jolts me, excites me; is this a dream? The dystopian wonderland that is Bristol has me convinced it is…...           The film I’m loading into my camera is a cinestill black and white double negative and it’s in preparation for what is outside the front door. The streets, are awash with colourful graffiti that I’m sure will look great with this film. A friend and I walk down church street heading to a popular Mexican restaurant that’s been recommended. I have missed the hustle of a city. The edginess and the closeness you get to people from all walks of life. This living muriel beats reminiscent of a scifi, with new buildings mixed with the old, all covered in graffiti. Coming from a rural town I have forgotten how diverse and interesting and colourful people can be in a city. It becomes a huge playground