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Don’t forget your sunscreen



       The airport is where I first learned that the world was bigger than what I knew it to be.  As a small boy I remember that airports were a favourite place for me; even if I wasn’t flying, just being near one gave me connection to a wider world.                                       The memories I hold dear are still true today. Upheld are the impressionable feelings I get from entering each one with their: unique architectural impressions, mini eco-cultures and the beautiful planes that shoot in and out of the sky like gigantic metal birds.        Traveler's get to see through a unique window to the world. Different cultures come together with their own joys and fears and get to see that we are all the same. Airports to me seem like little comunes that are efficiant systems; every thing and person having its own role. The beating hearts of countries.      Today I'm transiting through Istanbul's mega International airport. I have a 7-hour-wait between flights and have

Welcome to Westward Ho!

  Introduction to...         Named after Charles Kingsley’s novel, Westward Ho! is a British seaside resort that has traits of the traditional mixed with a new wave of surf trend. The modernising surf vibe is refreshing whilst the old, multi-coloured and funnily named beach huts give it a traditional root in the past. The beach is roughly 2.5 km long and on a misty autumn day the shimmering beach of brown and grey merges with the sky and gives it a Turner like picturesque. Dots of people can be seen with dogs that run freely up and down the beach between the sea, and a huge pebble ridge, which on a low tide is a great flat expanse, that is almost too much for the eyes to cope with all at once.        There is a real family theme here with kids playing on the green. There are restaurants, shops and buskers who play to the crowds. Accommodation can be hard to come by and booking in advance is necessary, since its popularity has risen due to more people holidaying in the UK, instead of