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Love In Belarus

      The images that I have in my mind’s eye are always, no matter how often,  proved  wrong by reality. Belarus has been in the news a lot in recent  time s ,  and I was expecting  an  unforgiving ,  joyless,  and  harsh place .  This was far from correct .        In t he  taxi heading back to the airport ,  a  tear  rolls  down my face .   We  pass  a   2-mile-long  line of army traffic ,  that’s heading somewhere  u nder a full moon .   I  reflect  on  my  time  in this fascinating place  and for  the new love I have ,  for a girl from Minsk.      I started talking with my girlfriend on a pen pal site almost 2 years ago, and she is from Belarus and  it’s  finally time to visit where she lives.        The first place we visit, on a cool, crisp morning is  The National Art Museum of Republic of Belarus. We get there by subway which like most things in Belarus has an edginess to it . My partner tells me, “There was a bomb  in 2011  that killed many at this station”. Now there are guar