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Japanese Tattoo Trip

           I have always wanted to go to Japan and now there is another reason why - tattoos. Japan is becoming increasingly popular with westerner’s who are keen to get tattoos from the Japanese artists who are, in turn, keeping their artform alive through their foreign customers. This article aims to give you a few pointers about the places to visit whilst on a tattoo holiday because of the artists working out of there and some information surrounding the subject. I’m excited about the prospect of visiting Japan, and that’s what it should feel like: a chance to discover something new; a new culture, history and artform for yourself. There is also, I found, an edgy feeling to this type of pilgrimage too; tattoo culture, still has a fringe feel to it that’s exciting especially in Japan. Join me as we look at some people, places and things that may interest you about your, Japanese tattoo trip.           1.       Hariyoshi 3 in Yokoharma.               Hariyoshi 3 is top of this list fo