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Minsk: Holidaying in Europe’s Last Dictatorship.

As the red and gold gilded curtains close, to a cacophony of applause, it’s the end of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin at Minsk Opera House and the end of my visit here in Belarus.  We walk out of this beautiful building to a nights icy, cool and clear sky with full moon and vivid streetlights to guide our way into the city for a last meal in one of Minsk’s latest restaurants, Thai Garden. Restaurants and cafes, as we know them in the West, have only been here within the last seven years and this brings a specialness, and a newness to each cafes concept, it also brings an edginess that is refreshing and exciting. It’s a serious place with serious issues going on but as a traveller it is broadening my mind and opening it to similarities in the differences and connections, we all share.             There are limited flights currently flying to Belarus from the UK, you can either fly via Istanbul or via Moscow. The first thing on my arrival, that draws my attention, is the striking architectu

Its All a Mall.

 The Belarusian Mall Poem: Im pretending not to like it here; look at all these fakes. Who am I? Do I look like I'm supposed to look like yet? Nothing fancy now, no new insights here, no false pride; full PRIDE OK. There is nothing behind the eyes, a fixed gaze that screams: Help me!!! No-one is coming though, no body cares.  Anyone who has been saved is definitely not here anymore.  This white shirt and wow these sweets are fucking amazing - confusion - bright lights - wall to wall with the beautifully deranged. I want to lick, stick it all until i'm numb and no longer worry about the BIG worry or until I fit..........IN.