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Inside the castle tonight.  I Follow the wandering piano,  To reclaim the innocent.  Holding his hand, we walk into the interior.  Free but not without fear; Together but with faith.  Following the ascending notes; Into the heart of now.  Mummy’s on walls,  with pale expressions.  Dust sometimes in the teary eyes.  Wiping away and holding tighter as the echos grow clearer, nearer.  This lost child now a prince, with battle scars and ribbon.  In peace and faith, the war won.  The tower to look out off, my king and my son.  To watch the freed horses -    wild to run - Into the world, my spirit, my son.  Surprised to see the world much bigger - much brighter; than inside the walls from where we’ve come....... And a king, with faith, in a castle; is not familiar with the same, in the wild.